The Motivation Stories: About


Hi, my name is Ahmad Raj. This is my new blog, I started active blogging since 2012 after I bought my first laptop from saving the results after all this time, I have few blogs and especially the topic about people.

I really like to tell or heard story from the people since I was kid,  I really love the world of story and feeling inside human heart, especially about love and friendship also family and brotherhood. I mean to make this blog is sharing everything about daily stories and people stories as well as some tips or motivation that might be useful for you. thus a glimpse of my profile and I hope if you want share your story to me via email so that I can write in my blog.

Point of my blog
This website is a blog that share about people diary, stories, advice, life experiences, family and love to teach us how precious our life.

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact me at ahmadraju@gmail.com.

Thank you.